Looking for a lovely accessory that will complement most any outfit? Try a glowing pearl necklace. It is attractive enough without being extremely showy to wear with a casual dress or a night out on the town.

Pearls are loved for that enigmatic, lustrous glow, and they get that glow because of the special way they are formed. They are truly unique and unlike gemstones, which are formed beneath the Earth’s surface, they are created by live animals called mollusks.

Pearls are usually formed by wayward food particles that get inside a mollusk shell, as opposed to the popular belief that wayward grains of sand are to blame. The animal coats these particles in aragonite and conchiolin which are the same materials they use to make their shells.

When mollusks secrete these substances, they often don’t cover the pearl completely, which makes natural pearls imperfect in shape. This is the best way to tell a cultured one from a genuine one, when you rub a real one across your teeth it will feel bumpy and gritty whereas a cultured one will feel smooth and even.

Pearls can come in a wide array of colors, including white, gold, purple, and black. Their color depends on the species of mollusk and the environment it lives in.

The luster is one of the most loved qualities about a pearl, it seems to glow from within because light not only reflects off of the surface, but off of the concentric layers as well. These are the alternating layers of aragonite and conchiolin that the mollusk sectretes.



Saturday I received the pearl I had ordered … my daughter was home as I opened it. She is delighted!

I am far more pleased than I expected, the stone is better than the photo.Thank you for getting it to us in a timely manner. I look forward to making future purchases as well.

Shirley Johnson

Update From Shirley:

Dear Frank,
I sent the new stone and my daughter’s ring to a trusted jeweler in Edmond, OK.Mr. Fields said this stone was a much higher quality emerald than the one originally set in the ring.The ring arrived here in Tulsa today. I took it home to my daughter and she said, “It’s as beautiful as your wedding ring!” Thank you for helping make my daughter so happy! See Photo Of Ring

Hello Frank,
Have received my third shipment of stones, and as always the quality is the finest to be found anywhere at any price. And I certainly appreciate the prompt communication and friendly service, that seems to be the trademark of your
business, keep up the good work.

Thanks again

Hi Frank, just to tell you I received the stones today and I am absolutely thrilled, they are GORGEOUS!

I am going to set them in a ring with a large marquise diamond.

In a year or so I will be making a matching pendant and will definitely use you again then .I will recommend you to anyone needing loose gems. Thanks again, Sonya.

The sapphire is absolutely gorgeous – a perfect stone for my ring.

I am sending it to the jeweler tomorrow; when I get the finished ring back, I’ll have to send you a digital image so you can post it on your website.Thanks, and I look forward to doing LOTS MORE business with you in the future.

Deb Definitely – a satisfied customer!

Frank Just wanted to let you know I received the shipment and I am very please with the quality of the stones.

I want you to know that I will be a repeat customer and I am look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Again thank you for your time and patients in dealing with me as a first time buyer.I apologize if I seemed a bit push in getting my order and hope that you do not hold it against me (to much).


PS–I have dealt with several online gem dealers and I must say that
I am most pleased with your quality and service. I will be going to you first in the future. –Jeff

Just to let you know the stones you sent me were a big hit.
I mounted them in sets of earrings and necklace combinations.
My mother tells me my niece has hardly taken hers off since she got it. I thank you for your troubles in this matter and I hope to hear from you soon.

I received the first shipment the other day and I am very pleased with the stones. I am learning metalsmith for jewelry and I can’t wait to see these stones in one of my own creations! I look forward to seeing the yellow cz’s. Thanks again for your prompt attention.

I think that you must have customer service pretty high on your list of objectives and this customer does appreciate it!

Dear Frank,
I just received my order. Its very pretty. I am sure the person for whom I ordered it will be very happy. Thanks and all the best.

Best Regards from India ,

Many thanks! Your extra effort says much about you and your business…I really appreciate it!


Hi Frank –
I got the stones in the mail today. I am pleased with them. Thank you so much! They really don’t come across as synthetic to me at all! I too am like a kid in a candy store. Don’t know when I’ve had my fill! 🙂
Thanks again!
Marilyn Gilmore