A $10 Naturally Pink Sapphire on E-bay; Fact or Fiction?

Heads Up! Fellas!!

A woman I have been corresponding with regarding an engagement ring, is looking for a natural 1.00 carat pink sapphire to set in the center.

Anyway, we are corresponding back and forth and she sends me a link to a 1 carat plus- pink sapphire on e-bay, currently listed at $18 with no reserve. She further indicates that there are “$10 pink sapphires” selling on e-bay. She wants to know what I think.

So, I take a look at the listing..and lo and behold, there is a strategically placed and extremely vague indication that the stone has been treated and is “heated”.

Right here is the dead giveaway that this stone is not the rare and expensive NATURALLY pink sapphire, she thought it was.

I am still and always amazed that consumers are so eager to believe that sellers are literally giving away valuable, expensive diamonds and jewelry on e-bay for absolutely nothing!!

Here was my response to this woman’s request for my thoughts:




It is not a naturally pink sapphire (rare and very valuable).

It has been heated in a special process that gives it its color…

Please re-read the (cleverly) presented information very carefully.

Purchasing these kind of items on e-bay is dangerous and should be done at your own peril…and yes, there are many horror stories.

Indeed, many of the “success stories” are also from unsuspecting and uneducated consumers, who have been lured by the $ tag and simply don’t know any better.

They either don’t wish to learn and educate themselves, or they simply do not care at those prices.

Either way, nobody is altruistically inclined to give away something for nothing.

You gotta tell yourself this:

You know approx. how much a real, natural pink sapphire has to cost right?


Now, if somebody is selling something that looks like it might be a sapphire…for ten bucks!! and he is making a profit on that amount!!…then what exactly could you be getting already???

No, I cannot source you a true and beautiful, natural pink sapphire in a 1.00 carat for ten dollars.

I might also add, if you purchase a “sapphire” on e-bay for $10 that is certainly your right and I respect that.

However, our company will not set this stone in one of our rings, due to liability issues.

I have no doubt that in the severe heating process of setting and polishing this stone in a ring, the coloration might come out, the stone might break, or any one of a number of other possibilities related to the structural integrity of a $10 “gem”.

We cannot and will not assume that responsibility.

Your call.